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Bearclaw Kennels Presa Canarios dogs puppies 



   Bearclaw Kennels breeds champion Presa Canarios dogs, puppies. This yields protective, large and muscular dogs that are still very loving companions for their masters. All of our Bearclaw Presa Canario dogs have proven champion lines.  At Bearclaw Kennels we also produce working dogs involved in schutzhund, personal protection, tracking, and more.  Please take a look around our web site and educate yourself on the breed and take a look at the dog or puppy as well as the adult Presa Canarios information.

  Intelligent, active and even-minded, the Presa Canario dog is an unequalled watch and protection dog. Affectionate with the owner, Bearclaw Presa Canario puppies are loving with children and with the family, if necessary the Presa Canario dog becomes a terrible and brave protector of people, house and property. Presa Canarios dogs are easily trained.


Presa Canario Puppies Available - Text 419-250-2795

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HERNAN is one of our finest looking male Presa Canarios / Dogo Canarios dog you can find anywhere.

Bearclaw Presas Hernan has a striking Fawn brindle coat, a great head, excellent guard temperament, straight front and is unbelievably muscular with excellent bone structure desirable in a Male Presa Canario dog..

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Male Presa Canarios Thor / Bearclaw Kennels 

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Bearclaw Kennels Bella -  Bella's drive and confidence are something to behold as she possesses that graceful yet powerful movement that's so desired of the breed, it doesn't take many words to describe Bella is the complete package.

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Bearclaw Kennels Petra - is a very large and muscular female Presa Canario dog. She has huge bone, tons of muscle, a great head and the perfect temperament.

Bearclaw Presas Petra also has the drive, confidence and powerful movement that's so desired of the Presa Canario breed dog.

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CHECA - has many Spanish Presa Canario champions in her pedigree.  She is our new Spanish female Presa Canario dog import from Ceilos de Canarias.

Bearclaw Presas Checa has a ton of drive and a beautiful fawn coat. She is a female Presa Canario dog with a great temperament.

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Glacier - She is a female Presa Canario dog that has a lot of drive she is very muscular with thick bones like her parents.

Bearclaw Presas Glacier has great guard instincts common to the Presa Canario dog breed.

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NESTA - She is a very powerful and muscular female Presa Canario dog !!! Bearclaw Presas Nesta is 120 pounds of pure muscle with a level bite and excellent angulation.   

Nesta is a Beautiful Presa Canario dog with a balanced rear end, great topline, extreme athleticism, superb gait, with a very wide chest and a beautiful red brindle coat.

Presa Canarios dogs information pictures / Bearclaw Kennels 


 Bearclaw Kennels  is a Dedicated Presa Canario Breeder of Presa Canario dogs and Puppies. We have Presa Canario puppies for sale as well as Presa Canarios Breeders Information and Presa Canario dog pictures readily available. Our Bearclaw Presa Canarios have Proven Championship Bloodlnes. All our Presa canario puppies are UKC, UPPCC or FCI registered.

  At Bearclaw Kennels we consider all of our animals to be apart of our family. Before purchasing our first Presa Canario puppy, we did a great deal of research on the breed. We went to Rare Breed dog shows to see the breed in action. We bought books about the Presa Canario dogs, on how to raise them, what to expect from the breed, temperament, size, aggression, nature, trainability and more. What caught our attention the most as we were doing research, is how everything we read always mentioned how loyal and loving the breed was to their families. We were sold.

  Our main focus at Bearclaw Kennels is the preservation of the Perro de Presa Canario and nurture the utmost in family companions. Strict parental selection is always a top priority when planning future litters. All of our Presa Canarios are bred to work, love, protect and conformation to the Presa Canario dogs breed. At Bearclaw Kennels we breed for temperament, health, intelligence, bone structure, and beauty ! The Presa Canario dog is a working breed dog and is great for Family Protection. 

  Our Presa Canarios 
are guaranteed to be UKC, FCI or UPPCC Registered, and meet the Presa Canario Breed Standard.                                                                                         

  At Bearclaw Kennels our Presa Canario dogs have been OFA'd, PennHIP'd or other x-ray evaluated test that shows they are free from Canine Hip Displaysia.


  Our Presa Canario Puppies for Sale have excellent temperaments; they are socialized with many friends and family ! At Beaclaw Kennels our Presa Canarios have a large pond to swim and drink whenever they want and there is lots of room to roam. Each Bearclaw Presa Canario dog has a warm comfortable sleeping quarters and access to 2 acres of wide open space to play. There are secluded whelping areas that are designed to give the moms and pups peace and quiet time so bonding in the first part of the Presa Canario puppies lives can take place.

As our Bearclaw Presa Canario puppies for sale and Presa Canario puppies grow larger they have access to larger whelping areas where they have toys to play and learn with. Our program is designed to expose Presa Canario puppies to multiple experiences and locations, to give them a varied base for good social development. Even though Presa Canarios are a large breed of dogs with great strength, they are gentle with children and this makes them a great family dog. If correctly the Presa Canario will probably be the best dog you have ever owned.


  Bearclaw Kennels Presa Canarios History Our research shows numerous books written by historians concerning the development of the known Perro de Presa Canario, Canary Dog of Prey. Documentation of the original holding dogs date back to the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Following the conquest of the Canary Islands it is theorized that dogs of great size may have existed or were brought there by the Spanish Conquistadors or possibly both. What is known was the function for which these dogs were developed - guarding farms, struggling with cattle and the extermination of wild or stray dogs.

Presa Canarios Dogs Genetics

  Bearclaw Kennels Presa Canarios History There are several theories regarding the genetic contributions to the creation of the Presa Canario. It is almost certain that the cattle dog, the Iberian Presa ( Perro de Ganado Majorero) provided a start to the founding of the Canary Presa. The Ganado was a mastiff type of average size, rustic, intelligent with an intuitive instinct, a fearless guardian. Several other Hispanic breeds contributed to the Presas formation, especially the Presa Espanol in its large varieties and the bulldog varieties ( Alano), known for its clutching instincts. In time the island dogs developed into a completely differentiated breed due to the influence of the Spanish breeds. Around the eighteenth century, the English colonists, traders and merchants brought their Bandogges and Tiedogs, predecessors of the Bulldogs and Mastiffs, to the Canary Islands. Shortly thereafter, the English introduced their gladiator breeds ( Bulldogs and Bull Terriers ) and began crossbreeding with the then existent Perro de Presa of the Canary Archipelago. To what degree did each of these introduced breeds contribute genetically to the overall development of the Presa Canario remains unknown.

  Bearclaw Kennels Presa Canarios History The final ingredient that completes the foundation of the Presa Canario was the genetic infusion of the Bardino Majorero, a pre-Hispanic sheepdog originating on the Island of Fuerteventura. This dog was introduced for its intelligence, physical resistance, offering of excellent guardian instincts with little bark, extraordinary set of teeth and incorruptable courage. The combination of known holding dogs, holding dogs of the continent and the Bardino Majorero, started a new grouping of holding dogs. New to the traditional functions of guarding and catching livestock was added a new function, to the delight of most island breeders: THE FIGHT !

 In the 1940's the prohibition of dog fighting was ordered throughout the islands, although clandestine fights were known to continue during the next decade. It was during this period the Presa Canario numbers truly faltered. The sovereignty of the island Presa worsened further with the introduction of the German Shepherd, the Doberman Pinscher, and the Great Dane. The island dog fancier's interest now focused on these new breeds, almost causing the demise of the Presa Canario breed. During this darkened period, the Presa was relegated in small numbers to farmers and herdsman as their primary guard dog.

Reconstruction of the nearly extinct Presa Canario Breed

  Reconstruction of the nearly extinct Presa Canario began in earnest back in the early 1970's. Reputable breeders bred strong Presas that were rustic, massive, vigorous, and functional, who had acute watchdog instincts, a strong temperment, calm yet confident and were extremely territorial with unlimited courage. This dog when defending what he considers his would withstand the harshest of punishments without surrendering his position.

 Full recovery of the Presa Canario heritage started in the year 1982, when a group of breeders from the island of Tenerife formed an association with the goal to propagate the resurgence of the Presa Canario as started in the previous decades. The Club Espanol de Presa Canario ( CEPRC ) was formed incorporating breeders from Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and La Palma. In January 1983, the club was recognized by the Real Canine Society Central of Spain. This clubs efforts and successes were duly instrumental in bringing forth the many new Champions of Breed as judged at the ongoing annual Monographic events, held in the islands and mainland. And now, a renewed interest in the breed has extended into the European continent and the Americas.

 Reportedly, during the late 1980's a handful of Presa Canario dogs were imported into the United States either by brokerss or interested breeders. Their intended mission was to introduce this wonderful gladiator to the American dog aficionado, while adhering to the known breed standard of the time. It soon became evident with the formation of several breed clubs within the United States that the Presas popularity was on the rise. Dog fanciers were anxious to own and show this rare breed dog. In 1990, the United Perro de Presa Canario Club ( UPPCC ) was formed in the United States providing a registry to all bonafide Presa Canario dogs. As of January 1990, all certified Presa Canario dogs could be recorded with the American Kennel Club ( AKC ) under their Foundation Stock Service program ( FSS ). Soon there after, other American Presa Canario clubs were founded. Some were quick to affiliate themselves with the new Canary Island Dogo Club, its officers and breeder members. It appears the intention of this new aligned grouping was to gain FCI breed recognition, this of course required a breed name change from Presa Canario to Dogo Canario. Apart from this non-historic new identity came a reconstruction of a shorter version of the historical Presa Canario. This new dog appears to be of a type more befitting the show ring than that of the rustic guardian known as the Perro de Presa Canario.

 Today, reputable American Presa Canario breeders are moving forward in their mission to continue breeding healthy, functional dogs with fundamentally correct morphology, physically balanced, of good character, with strong temperament, along with the inherited coat colors of: black, brindles of colors from light to dark and fawn, all with traditional white markings.

Presa Canarios Dogs History

 Depending on how the Presa is trained, he can be one of the fiercest catch dogs one will see, stopping even the largest, unruliest hog dead in his tracks.

Bearclaw Kennels Presa Canarios History Or he can be the gentlest giant, keeping a careful eye out for danger, thus protecting his home and family. The Presa is truly one of the most even-tempered and all around working dogs you will find.

Bearclaw Kennels Presa Canarios



Bearclaw Kennels Presa Canarios dogs puppies
Bearclaw Kennels Presa Canarios dogs puppies Bearclaw Kennels Presa Canarios dogs puppies
Bearclaw Kennels Presa Canarios dogs puppies
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